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'Hope Rise' Post-Occupancy Evaluation Report is now availible

Welcome to the UK's truly affordable, zero-carbon, high-quality modular housing solutions

ZED PODS are award-winning cost-effective, eco-friendly high-quality modular homes, ready for immediate occupation and built in a fraction of the time of traditionally built conventional housing.

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We conduct a survey of your site and scope out the best solution to fit your requirements

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We digitally model every millimetre of every home, you can tailor a house to be exactly what you’re looking for inside and out.

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We deliver high-quality factory-built precision engineered homes at speed and at scale by standardising and simplifying our processes.

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We carry out the full turnkey process for you. Built from start-to-finish in just a week, install housing modules in just one day.


Innovative design

& proven solution for under-utilised space


Infill Schemes

Garage Sites


Brownfield Sites

Regeneration Areas

Traditional Developments Sites

Flood Zones

Rooftop Developments


  1. High-quality, warranty-backed designs

  2. Zero-carbon, energy-efficient homes

  3. Market-leading budget proposal, modelling, planning & design services

  4. Unique industry contacts, knowledge and experience


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Speed of delivery 

with minimal disruption

ZED PODS homes are factory-built, precision-engineered, volumetric homes.

90% of the building work is completed in the factory so once the groundworks are complete the units can be delivered to site and installed.

Utilities connections are then made and the homes are ready for occupation.

From temporary to permanent in every sector

See how a ZED PODS solution could benefit you