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Social Value

ZED PODS is dedicated to ensuring a secure and healthy workplace for both our employees and supply chain partners. Our commitment extends to investing in training and development, cultivating a diverse and inclusive culture.

Additionally, we aspire to be active contributors to the communities where we reside and operate. Through our innovative modular and offsite construction solutions, we aim to make contributions to climate action within the UK housing and built environment sectors.

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Social Value Methodology

Our social value methodology centres on fostering positive impacts. We prioritise local employment, providing training opportunities, and supporting diverse supply chains. Our commitment extends to minimising environmental footprints through sustainable practices. We actively engage with the communities we operate in, aiming to enhance public spaces and infrastructure.


Additionally, we collaborate with local organisations to address societal challenges, contributing to social well-being. Through responsible and ethical business practices, we strive to create lasting social value, leaving a meaningful footprint in every project we undertake.


ZED PODS post project performance including Sustainability Outcomes; Undertake post occupancy evaluation

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Public Engagement and Perception;

Visits to nearby schools and educational institutions.


ZED PODS engaging and consulting local community; Community benefit and wellbeing; Community Builders and Better Placemaking



ZED PODS local sourcing of materials, public features of the asset.

Supply Chain

ZED PODS ethical and responsible procurement; Balance between offsite and local employment

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ZED PODS paid volunteering time for employees; User training / F&M training, Health & Safety File and Fire Safety Information as necessary.


ZED PODS supports Prisoners Building Homes Programme along with our manufacturing partner; Youth employment opportunity under the UK Government's kick-start programme; Equal opportunity and diversity practices;  



ZED PODS Promoting social inclusion and interaction on sustainability; Sustainable Construction and net zero carbon; Fewer traffic movement; Reduced carbon Emissions (from factory to installation)

Free consultation with us

Get in touch with us along with details about your site or scheme, and we can provide you with a preliminary viability study. We'll delve into a more comprehensive explanation of our features and benefits, and arrange a visit to one of our acclaimed exemplar scheme and our offsite factory.

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