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Private Housing Developers

Meeting your obligations for affordable housing

For many private developers the challenge of making a profit on affordable housing elements and the requirements of planning obligations, including section 106 agreements, are real issues.

A new approach to starter homes which are quick to build, affordable and even help you take advantage of unwanted or awkward sites, could be the answer.

Need to meet obligations for affordable housing without comprising profitability for your development?

With ZED PODS you can more easily satisfy planning obligations for affordable housing on your development, maintain profitability and ensure aspirational living for first time buyers or young people looking to rent.

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Want to maximise any spare land you have?

With ZED PODS you can even develop heavily constrained, challenging or waste areas of land, where conventional construction just won’t work.

Benefits for Housing Developers

  • Instant high-quality affordable housing

  • Better use of challenging, unused or awkward sites and spaces

  • Realise air rights above your resources

  • Improved development outcomes and profitability

  • A range of sizes to suit your space, from single homes to complete communities

  • Modular off-site construction with minimal site time for installation


Find out if ZED PODS homes would be suitable for your sites. 


What we’ve achieved so far

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