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Local Authorities

Rethinking affordable housing in your community.

Affordable housing for key workers and first-time buyers remains a fundamental issue for local authorities.

But working with developers, who remain focused on maximising profit, isn’t delivering the numbers you need and the costs of temporary accommodation for those who desperately need housing continues to rise.

Need a new way to deliver fast. low-cost affordable housing?

A unique low-cost solution, that builds high-quality factory-build housing units above existing car parks, close to places of work and existing transport infrastructure and without impact to existing parking provisions, could be the answer.


Would like to make better use of unwanted, difficult to develop land and windfall sites?

Built above car parks or on difficult to develop and awkward spaces, the ZED PODS offers a low risk, rapid build, solution with minimum site disruption.

The ZED PODS Solutions

The fully Space Standards Compliant ZED POD is a prefabricated one-bedroom starter-home with a difference. It offers almost instant high-quality housing without the land and site issues associated with the conventional new build.

Once delivered to site, construction and installation can be completed, often within 24 hours for a single unit, ready for immediate occupancy


Find out if ZED PODS homes would be suitable for your sites. 


What we’ve achieved so far

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