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Off-site Manufacture

& On-site Construction

Our volumetric modules are up to 90% completed in the factory with minimal site work required. Combined with rapid installation of foundations our programme results in swift delivery, minimal disruption, reduced environmental impact, noise pollution, construction activity and vehicle movements.

Production Capacity

  • Manufactured in UK-based factory

  • 50,424 sq ft purpose-built manufacturing facilities in Peterborough

  • Capacity for 750 new homes a year

  • BOPAS accredited production facility

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Quality Control

As principal designer and contractor, we've implemented a certified Integrated Management System, seamlessly integrating ISO9001 for quality, ISO45001 for health and safety management, and ISO14001 for environmental management. This comprehensive system creates a robust framework, fostering continuous improvement throughout our business in areas such as quality, health and safety, energy efficiency, and waste management.

Each manufactured module undergoes rigorous quality detailing and follows specific sign-off procedures, ensuring meticulous oversight. With these measures in place, you can trust our commitment to delivering excellence and providing you with complete peace of mind.

BIM Implementation:


Volumetric Homes

We have decades of zero-carbon design experience. We've delivered modular projects using BIM protocol which is developed over and above BIM level 2 - ISO 19650. 


By using 3D BIM software, we linked the design and build aspects in a unique way, and shown our knowledge in designing out carbon from building fabric, material choice, passive solar design and M&E.


On-site Construction

We work as principal contractor and have an established network of supply chain partners to undertake elements such as groundworks, cladding, and landscaping. 

Undertaking onsite groundworks while modules were built concurrently in the factory under strict quality control and H&S measures, saving crucial program delivery time. Each module was built and fitted out with bathrooms and kitchens in average 5 weeks. Weather permitting up to 8 modules can be installed on site resulting minimal disruption to local community and local traffic.

Achieving Net Zero Carbon

Considering construction-related carbon emissions at the early stages of the design process significantly shapes construction techniques, material choices, and the potential for mitigating on-site carbon emissions. Our strategy focuses on minimising on-site elements for above-ground works, recognising the challenges in controlling carbon emissions, material usage, and waste at the construction site compared to factory conditions.

Within our factory processes, we've eliminated the use of diesel and LPG-based plant machinery, opting for green tariffs to power our operations. This commitment has resulted in an impressive 97% reduction in waste and zero waste sent to landfill from factory-related elements. Additionally, we prioritise material re-use, minimising waste from damage and storage.


Free consultation with us

Get in touch with us along with details about your site or scheme, and we can provide you with a preliminary viability study. We'll delve into a more comprehensive explanation of our features and benefits, and arrange a visit to one of our acclaimed exemplar scheme and our offsite factory.

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