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Our fast-track modular solutions provide efficiency and adaptability in delivering net-zero and low-carbon school facilities and student accommodations. By streamlining construction processes and minimising waste, our solution meet the demand for sustainable infrastructure in educational settings.


Increasing competition and funding pressures across the higher education sector and the need to provide and maintain high-quality student accommodation are key issues for universities and colleges.

Soaring student rents and poor quality housing in the private sector has pushed college accommodation in many areas into crisis. At the same time managing college-owned accommodation is increasingly complex with rising renovation costs and growing student numbers to provide for.


Need to quickly resolve student accommodation shortages?

ZED PODS student housing offers a fast, low cost, sustainable solution for expanding on-campus accommodation, taking advantage of unwanted or underutilised pieces of land and air-rights above your car parks.

Rapid installation means an end to over running construction and refurbishment programmes and gives you flexibility to respond to rising student numbers, avoiding conventional lengthy construction processes.

Benefits for universities and colleges

  • Fast, high-quality student accommodation solutions – taking just 12 weeks to build and deploy

  • Maximise existing car parks, hard standings and disused land by realising air-rights above your resources, to separate housing provision from land prices


Awards and Recognition

Our teams and wide-ranging projects and building solutions have received national acclaim and recognition, independent accreditations


Free consultation with us

Get in touch with us along with details about your site or scheme, and we can provide you with a preliminary viability study. We'll delve into a more comprehensive explanation of our features and benefits, and arrange a visit to one of our acclaimed exemplar scheme and our offsite factory.

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