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We provide a complete range of house types to suit your development needs from single units, to terraced housing to complete communities.

Tested & Certified 

Building System

Developed and tested at the Building Research Establishments (BRE), our solution is the only product suited to be built above car parks with special considerations from fire, quality, noise, air quality, utilities. Our quality has earned us accreditations from BOPAS and meeting new build warranty requirements.


High Quality Specifications

1. Highly Efficient Buildings: Super-insulated, air tight homes with minimal energy demands (ENE1 9 or 10 credits in SAP) and lowest running costs.

2. Fire safety is at the heart of our designs with minimum 60 minute fire ratings and non-toxic materials.

3. Renewable energy options include solar panels and battery storage.

4. Acoustic rated insulation materials, high performance glazing and enhanced party wall details create exception acoustic attenuation. 

Energy-efficient homes with the lowest running costs

Our homes come with the latest low-carbon technologies ensuring ultra-low energy consumption and cheaper running cost, with solar panels to generate renewable electricity in the day, quiet running heat pumps for low energy heating, controlled ventilation which recovers usable heat from inside the building whilst bringing in the fresh air, triple glazing, LED lighting and energy-efficient appliances.


Smart & Healthy Living

Smart heating/cooling/lighting system

Exception acoustic attenuation

Minimum 60-minute fire ratings

Optional age-assisted technology-enabled home using smart alarms which automatically text family members.

There will be no toxic materials, no urea-based insulation systems, low VOC paints and adhesives, vapour-permeable, breathing wall construction.

Fully customisable exteriors & interiors 

You can select from a variety of coloured renders, brick slip to stone slip, tiles and weatherboarding. By working closely together, we can create something that’s entirely sympathetic to the local characters.

All our homes have standard interior specifications with options to upgrade. They are delivered fully furnished, including floor finishes, fixtures and all fittings.


Ultra-low carbon community

Working closely with our architects and urban planners we design the whole community. “Sustainability” is at the heart of the scheme design with added benefit of leaner off-site manufacturing process and minimum construction waste. Carbon payback within the lifetime of buildings


Our housing development can use existing parking to create accommodation, generate electricity and de-carbonise urban mobility.

Free consultation with us

Get in touch with us along with details about your site or scheme, and we can provide you with a preliminary viability study. We'll delve into a more comprehensive explanation of our features and benefits, and arrange a visit to one of our acclaimed exemplar scheme and our offsite factory.

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