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Car Park Owners

New revenue streams for car park owners

Surface car parks in towns and cities are essential to modern living, and as car use continues to grow so will demand for parking.

Delivering sustainable car parking solutions aligned to the needs of individual communities and road users is a continuing challenge for car park owners and operators.

Housing demand and the requirement for urban building land, close to where people want to work, is a growing issue. Maximising revenue 24/7 for a facility that will often be closed or empty overnight when motorists have gone home, is another.

Maximise your revenues 24/7? Make better use of your land?

Designed to take advantage of existing city centre car park locations across the UK, either perching on the ground or assembled on raised platforms, ZED PODS provide high-performance low-energy housing at a fraction of the cost of comparable solutions and an additional revenue stream for your business.


Improve perceptions for your business?

Provide additional services: electric car charging

Benefits for car park owners:

  • Create additional revenue streams without impact to your core business

  • Make better use of valuable urban space

  • Improve your CSR – supporting communities, key workers and young professionals who can’t afford to buy

  • Retain existing car parking spaces

  • Capitalise on associated infrastructure – including electric charging, improved surveillance and covered parking


So how can you make your car parks work harder?

Building car parks underground is a costly option. But what if you could install low cost high-quality housing units above existing surface car parks and keep almost all the original parking spaces?

Supporting Your Business

New revenue streams for car park owners

ZED PODS is a member of the International Parking Committee and has optimised ZED PODS solutions specifically for car park owners, with opportunities to capitalise on air rights above parking facilities and associated infrastructure at no added cost your business.


ZED PODS can provide a fully funded low-risk development model

Air quality and fireproofing are core to the design

Completely flexible and scalable solution

Modular off-site manufacture means that your facility stays open during construction with minimum disruption

Site preparation, construction processes are dramatically simplified compared to conventional new build

Mobile and easily demountable structures mean even leasehold car park operators can benefit

Unique design qualities of ZED PODS mean we can build were conventional construction fails

We will conduct a feasibility study, help maximise values and density, manage the process from pre-planning to turnkey solutions meaning minimal hassle for you

Find out if ZED PODS homes would be suitable for your sites. 


What we’ve achieved so far

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