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Our focus is on the delivery of a high-quality product and related services that meet/ exceed all applicable statutory and regulatory requirements



Architectural Design

We can manage the complete design appropriate for the optimal solution. All housetypes cater towards varied requirements of residents at different stages of life.

Being customisable is a huge benefit to our homes. This means that you can tailor a house to be exactly what you’re looking for inside and out.


Tailored Solutions

We have developed a unique solution, that offers innovative, highly energy-efficient modular homes which provide permanent living space for young professionals, key workers & vulnerable households.


We build energy positive new homes above existing car parks whilst retaining the parking spaces beneath – an excellent solution to land, revenue, sustainability & permanent housing issues.


Full Turnkey Development Contracts

ZED PODS Ltd is a turn-key design and build contractor specialising in zero-carbon offsite and modular construction. We offer solutions to meet your budget and project requirements.

This covers design, feasibility studies, site surveys, together with planning engagement, off-site production, and on-site installation.

©Premier-Modular_Bromley factory progress.jpg

Off-site Construction Build in the UK

90% of the building work is completed in the factory so once the groundworks are complete the units can be delivered to the site, and installed, with modules in situ in 24 hours for the entire development.

Contact us with a site or scheme and we can provide you with an outline feasibility study, explain our features and benefits in more detail and arrange a visit to our show homes.


What we’ve achieved so far

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