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'Hope Rise', Bristol

Project Information

Location: Chalks Road Car Park, St George, Bristol

Client: Bristol City Council

Contract: Full Turnkey Package (from design to completion)

Type of Construction:  MMC Construction

Status: Construction Completed

Year: 2020

In collaboration with


In January 2021, residents moved into the first Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) development of its kind to be completed in the UK. 


The award-winning Hope Rise in Bristol presented 11 affordable and low-carbon, modern design apartments which were installed as a permanent living space for young workers and vulnerable households. The ZED PODS ground-breaking concept, where environment-friendly homes are erected on steel frame stilts, has changed the way we think about land use in our fight to overcome the social housing crisis in the UK. 


This development, built on a council-owned car park on Chalk Road in the St George district of Bristol, shines a light on the opportunity to create similar community living spaces nationwide, using the very latest precision technology. 

Site Location

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I have lived in a ZED PODS home for over a month now & I still have to stop to appreciate how nice of a house I have at such a young age. I was nervous about moving in so close to Christmas because of winter & most people I know when they first move in it's always cold. However, the homes are really warm & don't take long to heat up. 


I fell in love with ZED PODS at first read. I loved that they are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. The house designs had come up on my home choice and my heart just leapt. To see such a wonderful house show up on home choice was a shock to me and to be living here now I don't suppose any words can describe how I feel about my home. 


ZED PODS are not only a very practical way of trying to help tackle the housing crisis and giving more to communities. They give pride to the people that live in them. I feel proud that the house I live in not only looks both breathtaking on the outside but beautiful on the inside. There a still a few changes that could be made and I reckon with more conversations and more projects like Hope Rise, I believe we could be looking at the future of social housing.''

Sam Lindo

Hope Rise Resident

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Project Awards

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