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Great feedback from Hope Rise residents!

We’re thrilled for great feedback from Hope Rise residents!

“I have lived in a ZED PODS home for over a month now & I still have to stop to appreciate how nice of a house I have at such a young age. I was nervous about moving in so close to Christmas because of winter & most people I know when they first move in it's always cold. However, the homes are really warm & don't take long to heat up.

I fell in love withZED PODS at first read. I loved that they are energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. The house designs had come up on my home choice and my heart just leapt. To see such a wonderful house show up on home choice was a shock to me and to be living here now I don't suppose any words can describe how I feel about my home.

ZED PODS are not only a very practical way of trying to help tackle the housing crisis and giving more to communities. They give pride to the people that live in them. I feel proud that the house I live in not only looks both breathtaking on the outside but beautiful on the inside. There a still a few changes that could be made and I reckon with more conversations and more projects like Hope Rise, I believe we could be looking at the future of social housing.’

To read more about the Hope Rise project, visit here.


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