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Community consultation is an important part of our development process and the following questionnaire has been designed to capture your comments on key aspects of the scheme.

Do you live in Mid Devon?

If you do not live in Mid Devon, where do you live?

Please tick the age category that you fall into:

Mid Devon District Council has identified the site at St Andrews Estate/Shapland Place as offering good potential for a sustainable social housing scheme designed by ZED PODS development. 

Please answer the following questions and indicate your response by choosing the statement that best describes how you feel.

1. Do you feel the development offers a good use of space and is at a scale appropriate to its surroundings
2. The proposed development seeks to increase the amount of off street parking available in this area.
3. The proposed development offers a significant improvement on the existing garage site.
4. As part of the authority’s pledge to become carbon neutral by 2030, this proposed development would produce a number of Carbon Zero properties ,do you feel that this is a good idea?

If this concept succeeds, the potential exists to create many more new social housing homes on vacant or under-utilised land such as carparks and garage sites in Mid Devon. As such this development is an important first step in solving Mid Devon’s housing problems.

5. Do you support the proposed development?

Thanks for submitting!

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ZED PODS is the British leading accredited specialist in modular built homes over car parks & land that cannot otherwise be developed.

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