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Car Parks

ZED PODS Apartments

All apartments meet Nationally Described Space Standards, 

built on top of a steel frame.

By adding a floor of single-storey apartments below two-storey duplex apartments, we can increase the density on-site and provide more fully accessible dwellings.

The apartments have been optimised for energy efficiency and the lowest possible running costs, with optional solar panels to generate renewable electricity in the day, quiet running heat pumps for low energy heating, controlled ventilation which recovers usable heat from inside the building whilst bringing in fresh air, triple glazing, LED lighting and energy efficient appliances.

Each Apartment has its own independent structure with no structural bridging elements between ZED PODS. This ensures the same robust party wall construction performance for acoustics and fire, and has achieve 60minutes fire ratings and comply with part B of the building regulations

The external appearance of the ZED PODS is proposed to include a mix of cladding colours. A range of colour options are available.

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