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Croydon Apartments

Project Information

Private for sale scheme — Mid-density

Location: Lansdowne Road, Croydon

Client: Private Housing Developer

Status: Under Planning

This project exemplifies the benefits of our modular system as the site cannot be developed using traditional construction means. The proposal brings forward development on constrained sites in an innovative manner using off-site volumetric homes and meeting minimum space standards.

The site is currently used as a car park which serves St Viceroy court. The proposed development seeks to retain the site’s existing use as a car park in conjunction with a residential use comprising 27 ZED PODS apartments.

ZED PODS current proposal stands out as an optimum solution to develop the site with such constraints and carefully considering the proximity with the Croydon town centre and within the highest PTAL rating. The current proposal as a stepped-up massing where the tallest block (equivalent to 8 storey building) is sited away from surrounding buildings in plan and steps down in height as the distance in plan reduces. The scheme is designed after careful consideration towards the Croydon / London Local Plan to achieve the required density and mix of dwellings, without impacting on the right to light and privacy of the surrounding buildings. The proposal is not just best suited in terms of volumetric infill within site constraints, but it also appreciates the cultural heritage of the Croydon by incorporating well-appreciated design element from locally listed and important buildings like Corinthian house, Fifty Pence Building, Saffron Square etc.

Site Location

Site Massing

The strategy guiding the development of our proposed massing has been to reflect the tall profile residential developments of the area and to provide the required amount of units on a smaller footprint of land opening up views and daylighting for existing residents.


Following a detailed analysis of the outline planning permission granted to Ruskin square’s adjacent residential development R04a and R04b we adapted our massing to integrate with these future contextual relationships and to complement the new developments.

The scheme comprises 24 self-contained residential units of the following configuration:

8 x 1B 2P (1-storey)

2 x 2B 3P (1-storey)

1 x 2B 4P (1-storey)

1x 3B 5P (1-storey)

2 x 3B 6P (1-storey)


Communal facilities include secured external bin store and cycle store, public and private green space 

64 no. parking spaces with potential EV charging points


The scheme also shows allowance for site specific constraints and opportunities whilst respecting existing amenities.

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