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Commitment to achieving Net Zero by 2035

ZED PODS Ltd is committed to achieving Net Zero emissions by 2035.

We will be reporting our Baseline Emissions Footprint from 2023 and we are appointing a Carbon Management Company to manage our reporting of scope 1,2&3 Emissions.

Baseline emissions are a record of the greenhouse gases that have been produced in the past and were produced prior to the introduction of any strategies to reduce emissions.

Baseline emissions are the reference point against which emissions reduction can be measured.

Our Baseline year for emission will be 2023

We have produced the Carbon Reduction Plan in accordance with the reporting standard published alongside PPN 06/21

Carbon Reduction Plan Statement

Climate Change Abatement has always been at the heart of our company ethos. Whether that’s what we build, how we build or what we use.

We are currently experiencing greater demand from clients on multiple factors regarding energy, materials and carbon and we envisage these to continue to grow in importance both for our customers and consumers.

With Zero operation carbon emissions from our core energy-efficient buildings in use, we recognised the important role our buildings have in decarbonising the sector when they are in use. We are now extending this to all elements of our production of energy-efficient buildings to minimise environmental impact throughout the supply chain and at every stage of the building lifecycle.

In 2016 we made to commitment to utilising off-site manufacture to reduce material waste, site wide vehicle movements, site wide material spoils and carbon emissions in the production of our homes.

By integrating our product outputs, supply chain inputs and production efforts we a placing a circular economy at the heart of our business.

We are committed to:

Using fewer resources and resource-intensive activities throughout our supply chain, whether this is eliminated wet trades and water intensive activities, maximising natural building materials with high levels of recycled contents, evaluating suppliers to ensure they meet our strict carbon objectives or eliminating high energy traditional construction methods:

  • We will create less waste,

  • We will use less energy,

  • We will use less water,

  • We will use less materials

  • We will create the smallest carbon footprint possible

Our products:

  • Our buildings have maximised natural materials

  • Our buildings have minimised plastics and single use plastics

  • Our buildings minimise masonry, concrete and water usage

  • Our cradle-to-cradle recyclable

  • Low and Zero Carbon Technology (LZCT)

Our Corporate guidance:

From first principles, our design team has trained and built up a wealth of experience in LZCT. All products incorporate Fabric first energy reduction principles, renewable energy generation and zero gas to site, we create buildings with SAP ratings in excess of SAP A, using:

  • Solar heating systems,

  • MVHR and MVHR based heating

  • Photovoltaics to generate electricity,

  • Passive ventilation,

  • Low energy lighting with LED lighting throughout and PIR sensors

  • SUDS systems

Our aim to create zero waste to landfill by 2025 by:

  • Eliminating single use plastics through our supply chain on-boarding process

  • Diverting waste wood to recycling or biomass send off-cuts back to responsible suppliers to re-use then, such as Plasterboard offcuts

  • Ensure Cardboard waste is segregated for recycling

  • Maximising waste to energy

We Company ethos is to exceed all Industry Benchmarks and minimum standards:

  • Our buildings already exceed the future homes standards

  • Our buildings have a maximum air permeability of 2m3/(h.m2) at 50 Pa.

  • Our buildings generate renewable, clean and free at point of use energy

Next steps:

We aim to have our whole process to be net zero carbon by 2035.

  • We are conducting a detailed embodied carbon and supply chain environmental impact and carbon footprint assessment of all our activities, not just our products.

  • We are in the process of appointing ‘Enistic Carbon Management’ to review and manage our carbon reporting via their software platform

  • We aim to procure only green energy and produce as much green energy on-site as possible to fully decarbonise our production processes by 2035

  • We aim to have zero waste to landfill

In order to continue our progress to achieving Net Zero by 2035, we have adopted the following specific carbon reduction targets.

  • All offices to be supplied via 100% green energy tariffs by the end of 2023

  • All corporate flights banned by beginning of 2023

  • All company cars to be electric by 2025

  • 90% of materials to be sourced within 50 miles radius of manufacturing facility by end 2023

  • Zero Waste to landfill by end of 2023

We have currently implemented the following Projects and initiatives:

  • Undergoing ISO 14001 certification

  • Implemented the Cycle to work Cycle solution programme

  • Instigated a policy that all vehicles used for work purposes must be ULEZ compliant

  • We have been appointed business champions under Construct Zero

  • We have removed single use plastic wrapping’s from our module transportation

We project that carbon emissions will decrease over the next five years by 25% - 35% on our 2023 initiatives alone and we are currently in the process of verifying our baseline year data and reporting method for 2023.

​CRP Reporting Baseline Year: 2023

ZED PODS Ltd is an SME undergoing rapid growth in both our business plan and strategy. Our Baseline year Scope 1,2 and 3 emissions are currently under review to fully encompass our re-structuring and business growth.

Our baseline year for reporting Scope 1,2 and 3 emissions will be 2023 as our 2022 Scope 1 and scope 2 emissions will not reflect the growth and organisational restructuring.

We have a detailed carbon reduction plan which is signed at board level and forms part of this CRP. Our CRP includes detailed and specific carbon reduction measures. We are in the process of appointing carbon management firm ‘Enistic Carbon Management’ to review and manage our carbon reporting via their software platform.

We are committed to achieving net zero by 2035. This CRP is signed at Director level and

prepared by our internal sustainability experts.

We will be reporting on our baseline year of 2023.

'Baseline year emissions:



Scope 1

Baseline year 2023

​Scope 2

Baseline year 2023

Scope 3 (Included Sources)

Baseline year 2023

Total Emissions

Baseline year 2023

​Current Emissions Reporting

​Reporting Year: 2023



Scope 1

Baseline year 2023

Scope 2

Baseline year 2023

Scope 3 (Included Sources)

Baseline year 2023

Total Emissions

Baseline year 2023

Read the full document here:

Carbon Reduction Plan - Achieving Net Zero by 2035 ZED PODS Ltd
Download PDF • 318KB


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