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CESW Innovation Award Winner — Hope Rise Bristol

We are exciting to be the Winner of Construction Excellence South West Award 2021 Innovation category — ZED PODS Limited "Hope Rise" zero-carbon affordable housing designed and built above public car park in close partnership with Bristol City Council , YMCA Bristol , Bristol Housing Festival.

The 'Hope Rise' development in Bristol came about through a unique partnership between Bristol City Council, ZED PODS and the YMCA, who share a vision for building affordable, high quality and energy- efficient accommodation for young people in the city.

The project progressed from concept to completion in just over two years, beginning with a ZED PODS show home exhibited at the Bristol Housing Festival in October 2018, and in January 2021 residents moved into the first Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) homes of their kind to be completed in the UK

This ground-breaking project presented 11 affordable and low-carbon, modern design apartments which were installed as a permanent living space for young workers and vulnerable households. The ZED PODS concept, where environment friendly homes are built offsite and then transported to the location and erected on steel frame stilts, has changed the way we think about land use in our fight to overcome the social housing crisis in the UK.

Bristol Council, ZED PODS and the YMCA presented the concept to an audience of 300 people at the Bristol Housing Festival, at which Councillor Paul Smith announced the council's plans to buy these homes at time the YMCA was struggling to identify move-on housing for young people in crisis in the Bristol Wing backpackers' hostel. The YMCA recognised the need to move away from thinking about units of accommodation to thinking about creating communities. In collaboration with ZED PODS and the Council they decided to allocate two of the homes to community builders who were tasked with assisting the wellbeing of their fellow residents, growing the community and building a supportive neighbourhood.


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