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An adaptable housing solution for rough-sleepers with flexibility to retrofit into affordable homes

The pandemic resulted in a rough sleeping crisis and temporary solutions were sought in our hotels and B&Bs. As lockdown relaxes and these business require their property’s back, its time to think about an alternative affordable housing solution.

Our biggest challenge now is how to rapidly build a more permanent solution.

We believe there is a solution utilising land already owned and available.  ZED Pods have a unique demountable solution designed for deployment on meanwhile sites like, garages, on or above car parks, infill and brownfield sites.

Using adaptable design, ZED Pods can deliver prefabricated modules with private bed spaces with ensuite toilet, kitchenette, wardrobes and private balcony space. These units can be built rapidly in a factory and placed on prepared ground within days.

At a later stage, the same modules can be “lifted, shifted and retrofitted” to make NDSS space-standard compliant one-bed apartment, which can be located at a permanent location and part of your new build program.  It its permanent location these units will be fully mortgageable.

Commercially, this will help you achieve double savings with no expenses on short-term hire and reduced cost for new build.

Our units come with a low energy consumption option to help tenants that are cash and energy poor to have a good quality of life especially in the winter. Adding solar PV will help to achieve an energy neutral housing solution with the lowest running costs possible.

Under present climate, speed of delivery is crucial to meet your urgent requirements. Zed Pods have recently delivered 10 self-contained key worker accommodations in just 12 weeks – from contract to delivery and all this during the lockdown.

ZED Pods are UK’s truly low-carbon, good quality, affordable modular homes. We undertake bespoke design and offer full turnkey package.

We have recently been awarded several contracts with local authorities to deliver affordable housing schemes in coming months.

Procurement is easy via our preferred OJEU compliant framework and MHCLG, Homes England and GLA grants are available for our buildings.

Please get in touch with any questions, requests for feasibility studies or if you require assistance securing grants for your projects.


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