Bromley New Homes


Mid-density, 32 weeks build programme

Location: London Borough of Bromley

Client: Bromley Council

Status: Under Construction

Working in partnership with


In partnership with the London Borough of Bromley, construction will soon commence for a full turnkey project for 25 homes for tenants currently in temporary accommodation. The scheme is an exemplar for the benefits of using a volumetric build system on constrained sites, enabling a town-centre car park to be developed whilst preserving nearly 80% of the existing parking spaces, which would not have been possible using a traditional construction approach.

The scheme comprises of two terraces of residential dwellings containing 6 single storey and 19 duplex apartments, exceeding the minimum space standards in the Nationally Described Space Standards and wheelchair accessible units. Built on top of a steel frame, the local authority will be able to provide both private car parking beneath, with the remainder of the site available for public car parking. The scheme ensures high-quality design in both environmental performance and internal environment. Low carbon and sustainable housing are at the heart of the scheme with super insulation, airtightness, low energy heating systems and renewable energy technologies to complement the fabric first energy performance.

The units will be net-zero carbon.


The site is currently under construction, the car park and the recycling facilities will be closed for the duration, on completion these facilities will re-open again following completion on 9th September.

Site Location

Project Timeline

Project Brief approved by the Council 

Feasibility Studies

Agree Project Budget

Prepare Project Programme


Architectural Concept approved and aligned to the Project Brief

Obtain pre-application Planning Advice

Initial Cost Plan


Review design against Building Regulations

Cost Plans/Outline Spec

Planning Application


Develop Business Case

Review Project Risks

Review Project Budget

Undertake Site Appraisals


 Building Regulations Application

 Construction Phase Plan

 Final Specifications


Manufacturing & Construction

Summer 2020/21 • In Progress

Site Progress 

Dear Residents,


We are writing to update you of the construction works for the local housing project on Burnt Ash Lane car park, on Brindley Way. 


The scheme was granted permission in July 2020 and construction has now commenced. The development will provide 25 new homes for Bromley residents. During construction, the car park will be closed to ensure the safety of the public. Following construction, a reconfigured free car park will open to the public in September. 


ZED PODS are working in partnership with Bromley Council to deliver this scheme using off-site, modern methods of construction. Much of the construction work for this project will take place off-site, minimising the inconvenience to nearby residents. The houses will be built on stilts above the site, with separate private residential car parking spaces being provided underneath. 


We will keep all neighbouring residents well informed at each stage of this development by providing regular updates on the works that are taking place via this website. Information will also be displayed on the site’s notice board.


We will start to install the foundation after the bank holiday weekend (6th April 2021). There will be no work on-site on either Friday the 2nd or Monday the 5th. The foundations are due to commence from the 6th.



For any queries, please email us at, or leave your feedback in the form below.

Current site photograph

Car park and surrounding area orientated southeast.

Current site photograph

Northern Car Park Boundary and Recycling Area Orientated Northeast.

Current site photograph

North-eastern Retaining Wall Orientated Northwest.

Current site photograph

Demolition Area with Skip and Waste Metal Storage Orientated South.

Current site photograph

Car Park Western Boundary Orientated North.

Site existing - Demolition of Garages Al

Demolition of garages along the southern boundary


Site possession


Foundation preparations


Welfare unit on site


Piling work start on site


Pile cropper


Final piling in place

©Premier-Modular_Bromley factory progres

Construction works start in Premier Modular factory.


Steel arrived on site


The energy efficient zero carbon homes which are currently under construction offsite in the Premier Modular factory.


Take a look into our high-quality home


This project is currently under construction.

In the meantime, our project team is on hand to answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to get in touch at any time.

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