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St Andrews House

Mid Devon District Council

About the project

Mid Devon District Council is continuing its move towards carbon zero with the launch of a new modular housing project in Cullompton.


The houses will be built on land currently occupied by garages and car parking and will be completed with triple glazing and solar panels, with both projects being carbon neutral making this one of the first social housing projects of this type within the region.

Project Team


Mid Devon District Council

The Council




ZED PODS Show Home

In partnership with ZED PODS, the Council has undertook a consultation event to showcase the proposed new homes.

From 3rd to 13th August, a fully furnished home, similar to those planned to be built in the Mid Devon towns, was open to the public visit at the Culm Valley Sports Centre Car Park.

The Council is currently undergoing a feasibility study and plans to build 8 units in the Tiverton site. Site locations and detailed information are available below.



It’s great to be able to see inside the show home and really understand the quality of finish these homes have. We are committed to providing more social housing across the district and these homes will provide this as well as help us strive towards our goal of being carbon-neutral by 2030. I would encourage people to take a look at the plans for the sites or book a tour to see for themselves.”

Councillor Bob Evans, Cabinet Member for Housing

Site Location

Site location.jpg

577.2 sqm

Approx. Site Area

The site is located on the fringe of the town centre boundary and just outside of the nearby conservation area. There are no local policies that would restrict new development from occurring on the proposed site and it does not lie within any flood risk zones. The context developments around the site are primarily residential housing.

The site sits high on the landscape near the top of St.Andrews Road making it exposed to wind but also higher levels of daylighting. South Western winds of high velocity will pass up the hill and over the site possibly requiring some shelter for amenity spaces. 

Site Analysis.jpg

Site Massing

The proposed development consists of 6 housing units designed for multiple tenant occupations.

The scheme is designed to achieve Secured-by-Design standards and provide private amenity spaces.

The scheme comprises of 6 self-contained residential units of the following configuration:

3 x 1B 1P (1-storey)

3 x 2B 3P (1-storey)


Communal facilities include secure external bin store and cycle store, public and private green space 

6 no. parking spaces with potential EV charging points


The scheme also shows allowance for site specific constraints and opportunities whilst respecting existing amenities.