Infill Scheme

Meesons Lane, Grays


Traditionally-styled semi-detached Houses

Location: Meesons Lane, Grays

Client: Private housing development

Status: Under planning

Year: 2019-now

This project exemplifies the benefits of our modular system as the site cannot be developed using traditional construction means.

The strategy helps in retaining the existing slope levels to form the back gardens, minimising the cut and fill and maintaining the existing tree line benefiting from the latest modular building construction technologies.

The development consists of 6 two beds semi-detached houses, with GIFA’s above the Nationally Described Space Standard, built on top of a steel or concrete base. The structure for the houses has been designed  to accommodating existing site levels and provides a platform which has a dual purpose.


On one side it keeps the ground level free to reduce the building footprint and allow the use of the ground floor as parking. On the other side, spanning towards Meesons Lane higher ground level offers garden area accessible from first-floor level. This strategy helps in retaining the existing levels to form the back gardens, minimising the cut and fill and maintaining the existing tree line.

Each house is designed to provide a healthy and secure environment, using only certified materials and with the latest volumetric building construction technologies available on the market.

These houses have been designed specifically for the UK market to deliver a pioneering low/zero energy, zero-carbon development. Whilst the thermal specification remains broadly comparable to Passivhaus, the system also includes embedded micro-generation, in the form of the solar roof — ensuring the homes with low/ zero energy bills.

ZED PODS is the British leading accredited specialist in modular built homes over car parks & land that cannot otherwise be developed.


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