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Sustainable Business Covered podcast: ZEDpods, World Water Day and the 12 goals of Exeter

Episode 59 of the Sustainable Business Covered podcast offers four exclusive interviews across the areas of water stewardship, a low-carbon built environment, resource efficiency and air quality.

First up, the edie team interviews modular low-carbon housing firm ZEDpod’s Operations Director Dr Rehan Khodabuccus to discuss how low-carbon housing was the key takeaway from last week’s Spring Statement. This segment also features a snippet of edie’s overnight stay in one of the modular buildings and a brief chat with founder Bill Dunster.

Following that content editor Matt heads to London to discuss the UK’s burgeoning reuse market place with start-up Globechain’s founder May Al-Karooni. Globechain was recently named by Forbes as “one to watch” in 2019.

For the final part of the episode, reporter Sarah George reaches out to Dr Liz O’Driscoll, programme director of Exeter City Futures to discuss the launch of a 12-month campaign aimed at tackling air pollution in one of the UK’s fastest growing cities.

The podcast then hands over to new Insight Editor James Evison, who interviews brewer AB InBev’s global director of water sustainability Andre Fourie to discuss the importance of World Water Day, and why the company is focusing on water as a vital resource.

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