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Crawley Zero-carbon Office 

Project Information

Location: Three Bridges, Crawley

Client: Private Developer

Status: Planning Granted

Year: 2020

ZED PODS office is designed to perform as a zero-carbon building with roof-integrated Solar Photovoltaic. As compared to the traditional office, 70% energy demand of the ZED PODS office is reduced using Passive strategies.

Creation of open landscaped feature and frontage planting, and public art feature.

Improved thermal performance — super-insulated, minimum thermal bridging and excellent airtightness.

The proposed ZED PODS Office is designed to have minimum window area on the West elevation, only to allow daylight and cross ventilation on a hot summer day.

Addition of louvres that protects the building from overheating during summer while also improving daylight levels inside the building.

Improved natural ventilation by increasing the amount of open-able windows. Floor to ceiling windows for better distribution of daylight throughout the floor plan reducing the need for artificial light.

Site Location

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