Car Parks

Bromley Housing Scheme


Mid-density, 32 weeks build programme

Location: London Borough of Bromley

Client: Bromley Council

Status: Under Construction

Year: 2019-now

In collaboration with

After two council meetings (scrutiny and approval) Bromley Council have approved an award subject to planning for a turnkey project for 25 homes for tenants currently in temporary accommodation.

The scheme is an exemplar for the benefits of using a volumetric build system on constrained sites, enabling a town-centre car park to be developed whilst preserving nearly 80% of the existing parking spaces, which would not have been possible using a traditional construction approach.

The scheme comprises of two terraces of residential dwellings containing 6 single storey and 19 duplex apartments, exceeding the minimum space standards in the NDSS (Nationally Described Space Standards). Built on top of a steel frame, the local authority will be able to use the land beneath the apartments for public car parking.


The scheme ensures high-quality design in both environmental performance and internal environment. Low carbon and sustainable housing are at the heart of the scheme with super insulation, airtightness, low energy heating systems and renewable energy technologies to complement the fabric first energy performance.

The units will be net-zero carbon.

Dr Rehan Khodabuccus, Operations Director of ZED PODS said:

The ZEDPods development rethinks existing land use, often in central locations, demonstrating a new possibility in helping solve the housing crisis, whilst at the same time providing beautiful, low carbon housing that lasts. Our focus on a 100% sustainable end-of-life construction solution involves an integrated roof-mounted solar array, a super-insulated building envelope with triple glazed windows, mechanical ventilation with heat recovery coupled with a design that gives exceptional levels of daylighting resulting in extremely low running costs.

ZED PODS is the British leading accredited specialist in modular built homes over car parks & land that cannot otherwise be developed.


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