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Health Care Authorities

Rapid build on-site additional care units for patients & staff

A rapid, cost-effective on-site accommodation solution built above existing car parks, close to wards and services without impacting current parking provisions, helping to resolve delayed discharge issues and spiralling costs.

Would like to provide more quality on-site accommodation for key workers, nurses and medical staff?

Key Worker Accommodation

Additional Welfare Units

Step-down Care for patients

Off-shift living spaces for staff

Onsite Isolation Units

Adaptable Long-term Solution


How can ZED PODS help

Transforming windfall areas to new uses

  • Key worker accommodation: Self-contained, high-quality, low-carbon accommodations built in few weeks' time.

  • Additional welfare units: These onsite units can be used for intermediate accommodation, ensuring availability of staff at short notice.

  • Step-down care facility: Instantly accessible step-down beds for patients who are  “medically fit” or staff who are "self-isolating".

  • Adaptable long-term solution: Post-crisis, these units can be converted to alternate use like key worker accommodations, open-market sales or they can be re-located to other sites. 

  • High-performance units: These high-quality, affordable modular accommodation solutions come with solar panels, heat pumps ensuring ultra-low energy consumption & cheaper running cost.


Case Study

10 Keyworkers accommodation built in 12 weeks

Quick to build, minimal disruption

This scheme in the UK went from contract to delivery in circa 12 weeks. We delivered 10 space standard compliant single-bed apartments, finished to a high specification, creating pleasant modern living spaces and generating more energy than they consume.


Benefits for NHS Trusts

  • Free up (add) care capacity: High-quality, fully-fitted ready-to-go residential units for hospital key workers and nursing staff

  • Maximised staff availability: Blocks of accommodation up to three storeys, keeping parking bays beneath, close to wards and services

Full Turnkey Contact

Feasibility / Design / Planning / Build & Install

We offer a full turnkey solution to meet your budget and project requirement


Find out if ZED PODS homes would be suitable for your sites. 


What we’ve achieved so far

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