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Speed of construction with minimal disruption

Our volumetric modules are up to 90% completed in the factory with minimal site work required. Combined with rapid installation of foundations our programme results in swift delivery, minimal disruption, reduced environmental impact, noise pollution, construction activity and vehicle movements.

Production Capacity

  • Manufactured in UK-based factory

  • 10,000 sqm purpose-built manufacturing facilities in Yorkshire across five factories on a 22-acre site

  • Capacity for 3,300 modules a year–in excess of 100,000 sqm of buildings in a single shift

  • BOPAS accredited production facility with ISO9001 / 14001

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Procurement Option

Fully OJEU compliant, the LHC NH2 framework will allow direct award to build the scheme.

This provides local authorities, housing associations and other social landlords with easy access to offsite manufactured volumetric, penalised, highrise and turnkey building systems for the use in new home build projects.


Valid until 30th April 2023 For further information on Modern Methods of Construction, go to


Volumetric Homes

ZED PODS has two BOPAS accredited building systesm, LGS and hot rolled steel and CLT. Both have different properties to make them suitable for different applications.


Off-site MMC Technology

Factory procedures include managed supply chain & established working methodologies, no weather-related delays. Because units are prefabricated in a factory, construction time is shorter without affecting the building safety & durability of the apartments.

Contact us with a site or scheme and we can provide you with an outline feasibility study, explain our features and benefits in more detail and arrange a visit to our show homes.

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